Duncan has developed and delivered numerous award winning returnable series for major broadcasters, including 'Life of Grime' and 'Britain on the Fiddle.' He is a specialist in winning and maintaining trust in the most challenging circumstances. His seminal film 'Modern Times: Myra Hindley' was based on the only first hand account of the Moors murders. It formed the foundation of Duncan's Sunday Times best-selling book 'The Lost Boy,' the definite account of the crimes. A journalist by training Duncan was the BBC's youngest correspondent, at just 24. He has reported for the Today programme and written for The Guardian, The Times, The Telegraph and The Daily Mail. He is passionate about the power of documentaries.

Duncan Staff

Creative Director

Jonathan has made numerous big budget specialist factual and documentary films for Reelz, Netflix, CNN, Nat Geo and The BBC. He is a consummate craftsman and has tackled subjects including the Kennedys, the forensics of fire, the history of bank robbery, and the science of medical errors. He is skilled both at working with action that unfolds on camera and more constructed documentaries, turning 'non-visual' stories into films with very high production values. He has a solid journalistic grounding and has worked for current affairs strands including Panorama and World in Action. He is very clear and efficient 'think more, film less' is his leitmotif. Jonathan's films are ambitious, layered, smart and cinematic. 

Jonathan Jones


Margaret is a multiple RTS winning journalist. She is highly skilled at managing challenging projects and ensuring that they are 100 percent accurate. She is trusted by commissioners to deliver impeccable work and trusted by contributors to take care of them. She achieves this balance by being open and understanding of everyone's needs. Margaret was responsible for supervising the journalism on the Grierson nominated series 1 of 'Britain on the Fiddle,' recently she was senior producer on the NPL Media specialist factual production 'Rankin's 2020' which has been sold around the world.

Margaret Giles

Development Director

Marie is an RTS award winning production executive. She has steered major specialist factual and documentary projects to delivery for clients ranging from The BBC to Animal Planet. She is expert in organising large scale, big budget productions around the world - and bringing them in to the highest standards, on time and on budget. Marie is highly organised and a calm, skilful negotiator. She is adept at solving logistical and editorial problems. This is achieved by ensuring that the people with her are both happy and highly motivated. Scheduling, health and safety, clearance and post production paperwork are all managed and delivered with seamless efficiency.

Marie Coyne

Head of Production

Jason is an Emmy winning editor with a wealth of experience across a wide range of programme making. He has highly developed story telling skills and a strong sense of rhythm and pace, both visually and on the soundtrack. He is able to guide and support directors as they strive to realise their creative vision and maintains a calm, supportive environment in the cutting room. He is technically skilled and able to maximise creative opportunities at every stage of the production workflow. Jason is also highly accomplished at dealing with morally and legally contentious subject matter. His clear focus on the finished film is central to Longtail's development process.

Jason Porthouse

Film Editor & Developer

Alan is a Grierson and RTS award nominated film maker. He has worked on a slate of high profile, award winning documentaries for both UK and international broadcasters. He has extensive experience of working across development, production and delivery. Alan is a highly accomplished researcher, archive specialist and location director. He is well known for building trusting relationships with contributors across the globe. Alan is open, collaborative and positive. He has a keen understanding of commissioners' needs. He also has great ideas to meet them.

Alan Ferguson

Development Producer

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